oodlique, 1 year in business
05 Oct

We can hardly believe it!!!

It’s been 1 year since we clicked that button and went live with our new business, oodlique, a personalised gifts marketplace curated with a carefully handpicked selection of the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas for all occasions and recipients.

What a whirlwind journey we have had so far, with the backing of over 200 amazing gift makers who keep us motivated, encouraged and not to mention inspired!  We are genuinely overwhelmed on a daily basis by the designs and stories behind these talented people.

Now listing over 2000 unique gifts on oodlique, we could only have dreamed of coming this far in just 1 year!

Inspired by true life experience from us, both Co-Founders, Brendan & Sophia, always wanting to find something a little more unusual to gift to a special friend or relative on memorable occasions.

Brendan & Sophia Mc Hugh - Co-Founders oodlique.com“My mother has always made memorable occasions in our family a really big deal, which I absolutely loved, everything was celebrated!  There was no end to the thoughtfulness surrounding these events in our home growing up”

Gifting was always more than just a gift, it was the thought that went behind it, every gift we received growing up was so special and perfectly suited for each individual, but I guess the older we got, the harder it was to find something more and more thoughtful and unique.”

My mother always managed to find (somehow..) gifts with my name on it, which she would buy when on holidays in the States, a number plate with my name on it, a spoon, a mug, cuddly toy, you name it.. but across the pond at home in Ireland it was never so easy to find such a gift!

With personalised gifts getting more and more popular every day, and more and more filling stations and stores populating their shelves with personalised gifts for those on trend names (mine was never a popular one, until recent times), the novelty and uniqueness was soon diminishing from these once unique gifts!

” Every new baby that was born, or Engagement that was announced we always wanted to go the extra mile and find something a little quirky and thoughtful, but more importantly something that they would remember for years to come, but we always found it difficulty to find what we had in mind.”

Surely there was an easier way to find a unique, thoughtful and personalised gift online!  After researching the market, we discovered that yes, this was indeed a common problem amongst fellow self-confessed online shopaholics (like ourselves), but not only did we discover a common problem for the shopper, but these talented creators of unique gifts also had difficulty in finding this intriguing group of thoughtful online gift shoppers, so we thought, why not create a solution to connect these groups together, and try to help solve both problems!

Voila! oodlique was born.

1 year later, 200+ gift makers, 2000+ gifts and reaching global sales, we are elated to have achieved such milestones in this short space of time.

Our achievements are not just in milestones and figures, but also the support of the startup community for taking us under their wing, firstly being recruited for the 2017 Female High Fliers Programme with the DCU Ryan Academy, and recently being adopted by non other than Google, these programmes have certainly given us a strong core to develop and grow our business.

So, what next?
Well with Christmas about to land on us, we are looking forward to opening our online Christmas store and showcasing more fabulous surprises from our creative gift makers.

To see our gift makers expanding their business into new markets, gaining customers which they may not have gained by joining us on oodlique makes us proud, proud to be able to help these businesses gain access to that global network of thoughtful shoppers, but also putting smiles on people’s faces, all these amazing gifts on oodlique are so special, and each made with love specifically for that person, they can’t but smile when opening their especially made personalised gift from oodlique.

oodlique, is not just about gift giving, but also about supporting creative entrepreneurs.  We hope to inspire and encourage new creative talent to explore opportunities about starting their own business, build their business, join the supportive networks like oodlique, which can help give them access to their target customer and build their brand on strong foundations.  We can help them do this, by giving them support and experience from their peers and gain access to our teams in-depth industry knowledge and second to none customer service.

Here’s to bringing more uniqueness and smiles into the world.

Thank you all so much for a fabulous and memorable first year in business.

With love,

Brendan & Sophia


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