Meet Mumpreneur Grace, who juggles family life and a thriving new business!

Dolly Olive provide beautiful, unique and memorable baby and toddler keepsakes, personalised organic clothing and cute slogan tees for little people. Run and handmade by Mumpreneur Grace in her Kent studio.

Dolly OliveWhy and when did you decide to start your business? 

I had the idea of starting my own business whist on maternity leave. I worked in fashion designing handbags for a number of years following my fashion degree at university, and felt like it was the perfect time to make the leap and follow my dream. I created a birth poster for my daughter Olive when she was born in 2015 to hang in her nursery and it went from there!.  I started designing kids clothing and then got the printing bug and decided to invest in some equipment for vinyl printing for clothing and set up my studio.

Where do you seek inspiration from for your product range? 

I find inspiration in my childhood memories growing up. One of my first designs ‘bear hugs’ a bear with a speech bubble is based on a teddy I had when I was really small. I try not to follow trends too religiously. My unicorn twinning set has been my most popular product without a doubt, which came about through a conversation with another mum at a playgroup!

What are your greatest achievements to date? I’d say being able to juggle motherhood and running a new business, which isn’t always easy! Obtaining Dolly Olives first two UK stockists was also a really exciting personal achievement for me.

Who inspires you? My daughter olive (clue is in the name!) she is a constant daily inspiration to my work. I tend to get inspired by her age, favourite things (like the park, snacks!) and her achievements as she grows up. I also wanted to provide clothing that was more unisex friendly, hence why all my branding is teal green. I felt like the choices in shops leant heavily towards pink or blue which isn’t always what everyone wants.

What is important to you in business? Number one is customer service, my aim is to make the whole customer experience the best it can be. Number Two is quality, and Three would be passion, loving your product is cricual and in turn its great when other people are also passionate about the products.

What do you enjoy most about your business? I love being my own boss and the fact I can mould the business around childcare and family life. I love the creative freedom that comes from choosing what to design and make and then translating it into wearable products.

What has been your biggest endorsement to date you have received for your product/s: I’ve had great response on social media recently for my unicorn designs, it’s great to see such an amazing response to Dolly Olive products and people all over the world sharing and loving them.

Why did you choose to list your products on oodlique? 

I was looking for another platform to sell my products, and Oodlique is perfect as it specialised in special and memorable gifts for every occasion. I love the broad range of handmade gifts.

What has your experience been like working with oodlique?

 It’s been great so far! Brilliant communication and support from the team from the start. I’m looking forward to building a successful partnership with them going forward.

What does the future hold for your business?

I hope to see the business grow and become a well known destination people can shop for baby and toddler gifts and clothing. We have some new stockists and opportunities coming up soon which are very exciting so watch this space!

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