Hello, my name is Michelle, I’m a North East based artist, jewellery designer, maker, founder of In the Silver Room Jewellery brand and teacher.

Michelle Johnson - In the Silver RoomI consider myself, and always have been, a maker. I love the challenge of working in metal, this resulted in a wonderful 4 years of Art College in Buckinghamshire where I was fortunate to have the use of amazing well equipped workshops to create my large metal furniture and sculptural forms.

After gaining my BA I moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. Here I continued to work in metal and developed a love for clay too, I was lucky enough to have two studios, one for metal and one for clay, it’s advisable to keep them apart!
The scale of my metal work reduced and the material became precious, primarily silver, hence my current jewellery making business.

After 11 years I returned to the UK and now In The Silver Room has a studio in The Biscuit Factory situated in the arty hub of Newcastle upon Tyne. Couples visit my studio to make their own wedding rings, truly a special day before the big day!

I consider a piece of jewellery to be an intimate and personal object. I like to work closely with my customer to achieve the perfect unique and personal piece of jewellery.

Typically as an artist I am a magpie, attracted to many creative disciplines, I still work in clay, sketch constantly, enjoy printmaking but my most of my creative energies are focused in designing and making jewellery and teaching others to do so.

I would do more if I had another life.. 


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