Hello, I’m Laura, the founder and creator at Two Green Lane. After having my daughter Esme in March 2015 I decided to take the big step of leaving the corporate world and my stable job in Marketing and follow my passion and skills for craft and design. I set up Two Green Lane in Meet The Maker Two Green Lanehonour of my late Grandmother who lived at Two, Green Lane in a little village in Bedfordshire. She was an incredible lady who was so selfless and loved by everyone who knew her. She inspired me to follow my dreams and be brave and bold. Since setting up Two Green Lane I haven’t looked back. Every day is different and I feel blessed to be doing something that I have so much passion for. I produce beautifully crafted keepsakes, handmade in my studio in
rural Kent. Finger, hand, foot and paw prints are captured in fine silver. Each piece of personalised jewellery tells it’s own unique story. They are perfect as gifts for loved ones or something precious for you. I make personalised fine silver charms, key chains, cufflinks, earrings and bracelet beads that fit Pandora. We also sell a handpicked selection of male and female bracelets and necklaces that you can attach your charm to.
I am really excited to see how Two Green Lane will develop. The business hs already been successful in a short space of time and I want to grow but at a steady pace and listen to my customers and what they want to see. For every decision I make, I refer back to my business values to ensure that it reflects exceptional quality with exceptional customer service. I am in communication with my customers throughout the production process and want them to know how important they are to me. Every order that is placed is treated with the upmost love and care and goes through an intricate process. I feel honoured that my customers have chosen me and ensure they receive excellent customer service from start to finish and beyond.
I am looking forward to seeing our relationship with Oodlique grow. I was very impressed with their initial contact. I received a friendly introduction email along with a request for a Skype call. It was refreshing to have face to face contact in an age where people hide behind a keyboard, firing emails back and forth. I was also impressed by their ethos and thorough vetting process to ensure they only have quality products on their site. I like the fact that they are a fairly new business establishing themselves and want to be part of the journey that they are starting on. 
I have a lot of plans for Two Green Lane over the next few months and I am very happy that Oodlique will be part of those plans and look forward to seeing how our relationship grows with lots of fun along the way.

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