WHISTLE + BANGOWhistle + Bango is a British Jewellery Brand, known for its statement designs.
Each piece is sleek and sturdy yet simple with the luxurious option to add personalisation, to be hand=embossed by London specialists.
Created by Ania Kubow + Rosie Parkes, the brand has established itself as a socialite favourite.  Gracing the hands of Laura Whitmore, Stephanie Pratt, Binky Felstead and Kim Murray.  The pieces have become a staple across the world.

As part of our Meet the Makers blog series, we interviewed Co-Founder of Whistle + Bango, Anna Kubow.

Tell us about your start up story

My Business Partner Rosie and I, started Whistle + Bango in 2013 in order to help the young homeless people of London. We started off the luxury ‘London Postcode Bangle’ range, starting with 12 postcodes. Each time you bought a bangle from that postcode, a percentage of that profit would go to help the homeless people in that borough. That was just the beginning! As we have expanded and listened to our customers, we can now do any postcode, area code or message the customer desires. From Ireland to Singapore and more.


Where do you seek inspiration from for your jewellery collection

We now we look internationally for pantones and colour ways to inspire our predominantly block coloured jewellery pieces. We also have a small and growing range called the ‘Artist commissioned range’. With that we fund young artists to design a bespoke piece for us as a collaboration, giving them a platform to exercise their artistic skills. Our most recent Artist is the young Grace Miceli from New York, otherwise know as @Artbabygirl on instagram.

What are your greatest achievements to date

We have been fortunate to have quickly become a cult favourite amongst the socialite scene, and even had our last anniversary party covered by Tatler magazine, which was really exciting for us. The daily mail have also done a feature piece on both Rosie and myself, and how we founded the company. Major website platform weebly.com , who we use, also flew over to London to make a short clip of our journey.
You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giMT1eVZkr0


Who inspires you

Our customers have helped us grow to where we are today, so I would definitely credit them and thank them for their support.


What is important to you in business

I would say its high attention to detail in everything we do, as well as fast reaction times to customers. Personally, I value that the most and feel its imperative for our growth,.


What do you enjoy most about your business

Starting a business from scratch with a friend is one of the most gratifying things you could imagine. We have made some errors on the way sure, but that is an essential part of growth. Learning from your mistakes and not being afraid to make them in the first place is one of the keys to success.


What has been your biggest endorsement to date you have received

Judy Murray sporting her ‘SW19’ Wimbledon bangle at the Wimbledon was a highlight for us! Laura Whitmore also, there really has been quite alot! We have had practically the whole cast of Made in Chelsea wear our products, as well as various other famous faces.

Why did you choose to list your products on oodlique

I absolutely think that personalised products are the way forward, it has been the whole reason we adapted our products to feature embossements with any message the customer desires, not just be confined to the 12 postcodes we originally came out with. Oodlique has created the perfect forward-thinking platform, in terms of the future of shopping for sentimental gifts.


What has your experience been like working with oodlique

So far it has been fantastic! Such a responsive team who work day and night. I can’t wait to build a bright future with Oodlique.


What does the future hold for your business

We are currently expanding our range to include more earrings so watch this space!



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