Hello, my name Diana Sherling and I am the Creative Director of Lily Flo Jewellery.

Diana Creative Director of Lily Flo JewelleryI was Born and bred in London, I design and make jewellery in our studio in London, for stylish working women who crave for artisan made, dainty jewellery that is affordable and makes them feel strong and confident. Lily Flo Jewellery is a modern take on luxury jewellery with fashion and fine jewellery using sustainably sourced and unusual gemstones and raw diamonds in a very versatile and modern way.

My Design Life:

I’ve always been creative and grew up in a family that was passionate about art and travel. Ever since a young girl I’ve been surrounded around art and craft and soon became obsessed about Greek Mythology that soon developed into a lifelong passion about Ancient Greek Art and culture culminating in lecturing at the British Museum during my Masters in Archaeology. Even though I followed a career in luxury marketing I was always connected to art and culture as a collector of art and sculpture and always learning art history, interior design and jewellery design.

The pivotal moment came a t my daughter’s 8th birthday (Sept 2014) where she wanted a jewellery making party. I decided to learn to take the party but really found that I just loved it. I loved creating pretty things to wear and it opened up the world of gemology and metalsmithing. I took evening courses at the City Lit and learnt off books, Youtube and Pinterest in the evenings while working a full time job in advertising.

Friends and family started commissioning gifts and I soon set up an Etsy shop in March 2015. It was successful but I wanted to create a brand, so built my own website where fashion features and new stockists followed. In 2016, this was our year of opening a wholesale side to our business to stock into fashion retail boutiques globally through trade shows and direct requests. We debuted at the International Jewellery Show in London and was even featured on the catwalk as a New Designer.

As a fine fashion brand, we are constantly excited and inspired by the creativity of collaborating with fashion stylists and art directors and have worked with Christobelle Batchelor where we made bespoke pieces for Fated & Fabled ‘The Art of Creation’ fashion film and we’ve worked with Holly Jade O’Leary on the Lullaby feature for Coco Indie and are designing a bespoke collection for her couture collection launch. We’ve even made an exclusive collection for the Royal Academy of Dance.

My Inspiration:

My inspiration comes from the way modern women live their lives and the world around me. As a working mother and career girl, I know how important looking good to feel good is, how to have meaningful, pretty things that give you confidence to you can conquer your world. From inspirational women, both historical and of today that followed their heart and soul to their own path. Much of this

philosophy has driven my creation of certain collections like Bright Spark Big City, a discrete, modern and unusual collection of gold and silver beaded jewellery designed to be great for work and Dance Til Dawn our Autumn Winter collection, designed to celebrate amazing times.

I love travel, art and culture, so I draw on all kinds of inspiration as the mood or commission take me.

My Design Hero:

There are a lot of fashion and jewellery designers that I really admire, but I am truly inspired by Diane von Furstenburg. I love that she revolutionised fashion with a very simple jersey dress, she
learnt her skills from her passion without schooling, she knocked on doors and built industry relationships alone, all with being a young mother. She has endured where others have fallen and certainly watching her on her E! reality show, she is sensible, dynamic but hasn’t lost any authenticity or reality. She is a wonderful inspiration who looks, dresses and acts as wonderfully now as I imagine she did all those years ago.

My Design Style:

Women live such busy lives. We have continually evolving ambitions and challenges, but still haveLily Flo Jewellery the pressures of family and home while at the same time constantly striving to be better, to feel confident, brave and beautiful in everything that we do, as Coco Chanel often said “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

Throughout my career in advertising, I’ve seen women struggle with their own confidence and seen how this affects their careers. This quest underpins who I design for and the types of jewellery I make. I make jewellery that makes women feel happy, pretty, confident in who they are and reminds them that they can be the woman they want to be. Creating armour by wearing pretty meaningful jewellery is one of them.
I design simple, dainty and pretty jewellery. I consider my jewellery to be like the pre-collection to the main collection. Pieces that are ageless, seasonless and occasionless that can take you from morning, noon and night as well as your daughter and your grandma to be able to wear them.

I follow seasonal trends, but are not consumed by them. I take note of the key colours of the season, the shapes and the styles because my consumers will be wearing them, so they’ll need jewellery to complement them. I don’t believe in fast fashion or throw-away jewellery, so I design in a very light, contemporary that transcends beyond season using sustainably sourced and responsibly produced materials. Everything is hand made in our studio in London.. This is increasingly important since I have a large global customer base, and winters in New York are very different to winters in California.

I design and create using both traditional and new, ancient and modern hand crafted techniques

that imbues a playful and vibrant respect for ancient design but with a contemporary and modern take.

I carefully and ethically source materials through small scale artisanal suppliers that are women like me, around the globe, that provide sustainable businesses for them and their families. All my gemstones are sustainably sourced and conflict-free.
I love colour and search the world for new and different gemstones. I prefer things that are a bit different such as I love to use coloured diamonds in their raw form such as blue, yellow, pink and black but I’ll make stacking bracelets with them. I love the different shades of Aquamarines and Tourmalines, Rutilated Quartz which I use in gold, pink and black. Unusual colours but in every colour of the rainbow.

My Oodlique collection

My Oodlique collection is personalised beautiful simple pieces; initial necklaces and pretty beaded bracelets designed to be simply the easy and perfect gift.

I wanted to create a collection that ultimately was very simple, elegant yet contemporary that women could wear everyday. Wearing smart jewellery, discrete and timeless is core to this collection, as is being the best quality at a great price.

This collection of beautiful high quality 14 carat Rose Gold fill, 14 carat Gold fill and Sterling Silver necklaces and bracelets are inspired by architectural designs. They are iconic and modern.

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