MantaMakesLtd, otherwise known as Manta Makes Limited, was born in August 2015 after a lifetime of preparation. I have always been artistic and creative, and while my interests are varied I found that my true passion is wood working and accent creation. 

MantaMakesLtd offers a wide variety of wooden gifts, accents, and decorations and offers personalization and customization so you can add your personality.

Our business name was actually inspired by a lifelong dream of my partner. For as long as he could remember, he wanted to swim in the ocean with Manta Rays. In 2013, we went to Hawaii and his dream was realized. It was at that moment, when I saw his happiness shining through, I realized how powerful dreams were. I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of dreams and it is my goal to make each and every one of my customers as happy as my husband the day he achieved his. 

MantaMakesLtd is unique in that we have an exceptionally quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality or customer service. This allows us to offer modern designs in an extremely accessible and affordable manner resulting in some of the happiest customers around.

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