At Red Rufus, we turn socks into charming SockAnimals, traditional toys with a contemporary twist.  Designed by Christina, and handmade in Ireland by skilled sewing women.

We use best quality socks, ribbons, fabrics and stuffing to make our creations.  In 2015 we have used Donegal socks and Irish tweed to make and embellish our products.  Red Rufus SockRabbit won Best Gift at Showcase 2015.

Red Rufus was founded in 2010, after Christina made SockDogs for her children from Rufus, the family’s new Irish Setter puppy.  Since then the company has grown organically, slowly but surely!  The range continues to evolve, always staying true to the humble pair of socks as our starting point.

To make a SockDog, first the sock is cut to shape then sewn together on an over-locking machine, which finishes the seams and makes them strong.  Then the “skin” is turned from inside to out, for the stuffing to begin.  This is one of the most difficult parts of making a SockAnimal, as it takes practice and mustn’t be lumpy.  Once stuffed we sew up the bottom, then assemble the SockAnimal, first with the head and then the nose, eyes, collar, ears and tail.  Lastly we attached the front legs and the Red Rufus label.

 A little about Christina:

Red RufusChristina is half Greek – half English and married to a Norwegian, so her family of three teenage children spans Europe.  Born in Cyprus, Christina grew up in the ruggedly beautiful countryside of Northumberland in the North of England.  She has lived in seven countries in her life and these experiences have influenced her style and encouraged a love of craft, especially sewing.

Without formal training in sewing or design, Christina explores construction and production methods, challenging herself continuously to produce a higher standard of design and handiwork.  She enjoys the constraints of designing her adorable SockAnimals, using a pair of socks as the starting point.”


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