Hello, my name is Ros Arrowsmith and I am a potter living in Norfolk, England.

I learnt to throw at university where I learnt something about the huge world of ceramics. After my studies, I travelled the world, Ros Arrowsmithincluding a two year stint in Japan and one year living in northern Spain. My husband and I have settled back in Norfolk which is where we both grew up and after three years working in the tourism industry with pottery classes in the evening, I set up as a full time potter. I was incredibly lucky when I met someone who had a potter’s wheel in their garage that they could sell to me and then someone else who knew of an empty workshop with a kiln in it which is where I have worked for the past two and a half years. Since then, I have thrown an awful lot of pots, splattered clay all over myself and my workshop, and produced my son, now a toddler. We work together, he spots tractors as they rumble by the farm where my converted stable stall is and I throw double handled mugs round the corner.

My lettering on my clay pots has sprung out of a love of calligraphy, which I remember my mum doing when I was younger, and lot of practice addressing envelopes with silly writing in my previous job. I find it enormously satisfying to make a big swooping letter that catches a smaller letter inside, fitting a name together. I started making cards for my friends’ babies when they were born and then wondered how they would look on my pottery, I liked it!

Clay is an exciting medium to work in. It is joyful to make pots as a celebration of a baby’s birth or a special celebration. Making the pots from a ball of clay means that I can make things just as people would like them. I hope that the happiness that I feel when I make the pots reaches the recipient and brings a smile to their face.



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