Meet The Makers - Tell My Story BookHello, my name is Eoin and I am the founder of Tell My Story Book.

TellMyStoryBook create unique personalised children’s books. What makes our books unique is that every page of our books is specially printed using a picture of the child. We superimpose a photograph of the child’s head onto the main character in our books. When the child sees that they are the main character in their very own story, their reactions are priceless! We also incorporate the child’s name throughout our stories.

We believe that children should be encouraged to read from a young age. Our books instantly grab the child’s attention (as it has their photo in it) and maintains it throughout. We advocate that adults reading books to children from a young age gives the child the invaluable gift of a love of reading. In today’s modern age, people are consuming increasing amounts of digital media. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, we do strongly believe that traditional hardback books should still have a place in our lives, and on our bookshelves.

We are an Irish and we are based in County Mayo. We write the books, we do the graphic design for the books, we print the books and we bind the books, all in-house in Castlebar. Our books have sold globally in over 30 countries worldwide.

How we started…

I came up with the idea about a few years ago when my niece Toni Pia received a personalised book as a present. Being a graphic designer, I tell my story bookforesaw that adding the child’s photograph to the personalised book would make it even more appealing to the recipient. I created a prototype personalised book with pictures of my niece in it, and I was blown away by her reaction! That was the moment that I knew that this would be a fantastic gift for any child and that I could also make a business out of the idea.

A year are so after that, I snapped a ligament in my ankle playing Gaelic football, so while I was laid up, I went through one of my old note books and seen my plans for “Tell my story book” so I decided to get to work on it. I put in the long hours and then officially launched my business on October 2015.

What has gotten us to this stage?

Without doubt, our customers reactions and positive feedback has taken us to this point and it’s that same positive customer reaction that will drive our business forward.

Our business has been given a great boost of confidence through the fantastic testimonials received from our customers. There isn’t a day go by without us receiving an email, text or phone call from a customer telling us how happy they are with their books. This in turn gives us the motivation to drive the business forward.


We are the only Irish company producing this product. The business was founded by Eoin Heverin. We had our official Launch on the 19th October 2015. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny was our special guest on the night and he spoke at length on our launch night. Irish TV and local newspapers covered the launch of TellMyStoryBook.

On the 1st May 2016, Tellmystorybook appeared on “Dragons Den” and we secured an investment from successful entrepreneur Barry O’Sullivan.

With the investment, we have commissioned a fantastic new website. The rest of the investment is been allocated to grow the business with the ultimate goal of becoming “the world’s no.1 personalised children’s books publisher”

Partnering with  Oodlique

Oodlique is a fantastic online platform and it is a perfect match for our books.

We love the idea of the site and have really bought into their vision of providing the consumer with a marketplace enriched with really unique personalised gifts.

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