The Willow Workshop is the craft of two sisters; Jen and Emily. We love to design and create decorations and gifts for all occasions.

The Willow WorkshopIt all started when we heard of the ‘Christmas Eve Box’ phenomenon that started sweeping its way across the Atlantic to the UK. Whilst shopping for these boxes we started thinking about how we could make some for us, and our friends, and from that seed of an idea borne what is now The Willow Workshop.

After a great deal of research and thought we settled on getting a laser engraver, as we really liked the style that the delicate burning process could create on a manner of materials – especially the rustic creations we could achieve on wood. From there we had more and more ideas, and what started out as Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes developed into a whole raft of Christmas Tree Decorations.

That was 2016, which as a first Christmas in the business was a great success. We had fantastic feedback from all our customers and we couldn’t wait to start designing new seasonal products for 2017, branching out to new and exciting opportunities for our business.

Over the last few months we have been designing some new products and developing some new genres which we are excited about producing! We have just launched some of our new Wedding and Gifting range and are currently working on some new ideas for the home. We are hoping to grow and expand our portfolio over this coming year as well as our expertise and knowledge in the gifting business.

We have a great deal of drive and enthusiasm which stems from the whole process of designing and creating our products, priding ourselves in creating the best quality items for our customers so a lot of time and effort goes into each stage.

It all starts with an idea or something we feel inspired by, which flourishes and transforms into a finished product – intricately thought out and delicately crafted.

The reward we get is to know that something that we’ve created can be part of someone’s home as a memory or keepsake – one that can be treasured forever. That is a great feeling!

Oodlique is a growing marketplace which we are thrilled to be part of, as many of our items are personalised it is the perfect platform to showcase our portfolio.

We are passionate about supporting small businesses and its rewarding to be part of a website that encourages this.

Keep an eye out for some of our new projects that we have been working on in the coming months – in what is already promising to be a great year for The Willow Workshop!

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